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Blanda Blue 

Our guild is about more than the fiber arts.  It supports social connections between people with similar interests.  It is a platform on which individuals build friendships and it is a support system when people may find themselves in need.  We bond over projects, through interest groups and while working together on common problems.

Like many other organizations our guild activities have been cancelled as a result we are working from home.  That means those social opportunities to share our trials and triumphs (as they relate to our craft) have been curtailed.  So we will use this space to for an “e” version of show and tell.  Here is what some of our members are up to.

Marilyn’s scarf in progress

Marilyn put a scarf length warp on her rigid heddle loom because she just needed something to do!  Don’t we all these days.  The yarn is a silk blend with a 10 epi sett.  The textured plain weave will be accented with ladder ribbon at either end.

Shadow weave scarf

Pat finished her 8 harness shadow weave assignment from the Optics course.  The warp is 2/20 mercerized cotton and the weft is 2/16 bamboo.  Four colours create this deep rich purple with subtle patterning.
Rita also completed her shadow weave piece.  You can see the two colours in the fringe area.  Two very different looks.

Rita’s shadow weave
Sheila is working on the Exploring More topic of double weave.  Her 16 shaft loom is set up with two colours of silk.  The green extends on the left side and the gold extends on the right.  The pattern is based on “Blooming Leaf”.  Her design is unusual as most designs with this technique involve small pattern repeats not one overall pattern. Dramatic changes will occur when the cloth is wet finished.

Sheila’s deflected double weave in progress

Rita has been busy cutting up old jeans and ties that she bought at a thrift shop.  She claims to have silk taste and a denim diet.  She has turned her recycled rags into a lovely and very sturdy rug. The ties had to be taken apart and cut into a long strip.  The first photo shows a close up of a “tie” vs “jeans” stripe and the second shows the rug in full.

close up of stripes
silk tastes and denim diet rug

Some projects are still in the planning phase.  Linda had to reject her first plan because her mislabelled “wool” yarn turned out to be acrylic but undaunted she has switched materials and plans to do her double weave piece with the lovely combination pictured below.  She has chosen a neutral colour pallet for a pair of deflected double weave scarves

Linda’s yarns

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