Winter Works

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Fibre Arts, Handwoven, Knitting, Weaving

Winter has settled in.  Now that the holiday season is over it is time to get back to those unfinished projects.  You may take a break to walk on the beach when the sun shines but here on the west coast bleaker wet weather suggests indoor activities.  The winter seems to be the most productive time for some fiber artists.  But remember, winter is short here on the coast and those daffodil’s are already peaking out to test the climate.  If you have a project in mind you had better start working on it now.  If you are a member of the Qualicum Weavers and Spinners guild then you may want to start working on the COLOUR CHALLENGE PROJECT.  The projects are to be finished for the March 18th monthly meeting.  If you need help then the new COLOUR STUDY GROUP  might be for you.


Now I don’t want to give the impression that the Qualicum guild members are slackers.  On the contrary, from the show and tell portion of our January meeting it appears we are busy bees.

We had a colourful display of items including spinning, knitting, dyeing and weaving.  I have included a couple of examples of colourful yarn.  I wonder what they will turn into?

 The knitters in the group were so busy with projects that several of them brought their needles with them and were busy throughout the meeting.  Anita showed off her vest and Karen demonstrated her knitted back pack.  The weavers had also been productive.  Their contribution to the show and tell included a blanket for a new addition to the family, scarves, a stash busting yardage project, decorative inkle bands and summer and winter samples.
The show and tell portion of the meeting is everyone’s favourite.  The items themselves are a treat to see.  The stories that go with the pieces are equally entertaining and often inspirational whether they are about weaver’s bottom, memory loss, sexual ambiguity or venturing into new places.


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