Winter Works

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Felting, Fibre Arts, Handwoven, Knitting

We are well into a new year but still in mid winter.  Any suggestions that winter is in the past have been blasted by Mother Nature’s reminder, in the form of cold weather and snow, that she calls the shots.

Stash buster toques

So, as you can imagine our creative activities are taking inspiration from efforts to keep warm outside or find a cozy indoor activity.

Since knitting doesn’t lead to weight gain the way baking does what is cozier (and healthier) than knitting toques.  Maggie’s done some stash busting with these gems with their colour bands.


The weavers in the group have been busy making scarves.

black and white beauty


The elegant black and white piece is a twill with areas of colour and weave effects.  Jeanine used a fine very soft wool to make a light scarf that will wrap easily, and the neutral colours will go with any coat.

Sheila took a different approach to create a pair of scarves that are double thickness.  They are huck weave structures done as double weave and so they are light but because there are two layers, they have excellent insulating properties.  The one on the right has a bold pattern based on selecting different blocks in the treadling.

Pat went for a blended weave pattern from the Exploring More Study Topic.  This scarf is a preview of what the Canadian Weaving Guild samples will look like in 2025.  Our guild will produce the samples over the next year.

The scarf is made of tencil and has a slight iridescent appearance.  There are 3 distinct patterns all possible with the same threading and tie up.

Pauline has been painting with wool.  The piece was wet felted.  If you look carefully, you can see two kayaks emerging from the dark area.  The piece has been backed and hung with loops over a bamboo rod.

Our next meeting on February the 26th will feature a fashion show of hand made garments.  Be sure to check the calendar for the details.


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