Winding Down for the Summer

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May is here and Spring is flaunting her colours.  As the weather improves other activities compete for our attention, the garden, the beach, the golf course or that RV that wants to get out onto the road.  Making time for fiber arts is more difficult now that warm sunny weather is encouraging us to go outside.  It will only get harder as spring gives way to summer. So now is the time for finishing up those projects we have on hand.  Take the fringe twister out onto the patio and finish off that shawl or finish your sewing so you can turn your “studio” back into the spare bedroom before your summer guests arrive.
The Qualicum Weavers and Spinners’ final meeting of the season will be on Monday May 14th, a week ahead of our usual meeting time.  We will meet in June to celebrate friendship and our varied accomplishments with a pot luck lunch.  Then the summer months will be given over to finding new inspirations through other activities.  We will meet again the third week in September. 
canvas weave block design
multiharness canvas weave design

 The weaving study groups will also take a summer break.  The lace group has been working its way through Donna Muller’s book, Handwoven Laces. They have worked on Canvas Weave, Huck spots and lace and Swedish Lace.  Summer vacation for this group will include some time to research Bronson Lace.  Think lemonade, a weaving book and a chair in the shade of a tree.

The Twill group have been learning about twill weaves beginning with how to change the twill line.  From there the group has researched undulating twills, advancing twills, interleaved twills and plaited twills.  As a member of this group, I have started to dream about twills and that is a sure sign that a break is needed.

undulating twill sample

As the formal meetings wind down for the summer a lot of informal events are in the works so don’t put that spinning wheel away.  Guild members will be demonstrating at various local events starting with the Qualicum Beach Family Days on May 27 at the Qualicum Beach Civic Centre.  In June we will host the Bradley Centre Show and Tell and participate in the Oceanside Arts Council summer event.  Rumours are that one or more “dye days” will take place now that the weather supports out door activities.  Check the “events” posting for information about summer activities. 

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