Will My Stash Outlive Me?

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hand dyed fleece for spinning

Every creative activity demands that the creator acquire a collection of  raw materials that we call our “stash”.

  We start out to buy enough materials for a specific project but suppliers warn us that dye lots change so we get just a bit more than we need to be safe.  Then while we are at the store we see something that projects visions of a grand project.  So we buy it too and put it away until we have more time.  At a conference we see the perfect accent for our grand (yet to be initiated) project so we add that to our collection.  Then, we find a match for our left overs from the first project.  It is such a bargain and it is likely we’ll never find it again so we add it to our collection. And so on and so on.

Soon we are stuffing fibre and yarns into baskets, boxes and plastic bags as our stash starts to take over what little studio space we have.

rayon yarns for weaving

 An over flowing stash may appear, to some, to suggest an impulsive shopaholic. I’d prefer to think of it as the product of an imaginative mind with a positive outlook for the future.  Remember every item in those bags, boxes and baskets is there because of a creative idea.  The “stash” is really a collection of projects waiting to be executed and when the time is right we will bring those ideas to life.

But sometimes circumstances change and the right time may never come.  So we pass on our stash to a fellow artisan with the hope that the materials will inspire them as they did us and that those wonderful visions that are locked inside the materials will come to life by another’s hand. 

shawl from Teddy’s rayon

Recently one of our long time guild members passed away.  She served the guild in many capacities and influenced its development.
The guild acquired her stash. She was an avid spinner, knitter and weaver so her stash included a wonderful assortment of fibres and yarns.  Items from her collection found new homes with our members.
In her memory our guild has set a challenge to spin, knit or weave an item using the materials that came from Mabel’s stash.  Items are to be displayed at our June pot luck.  Check back in June to see the results.

detail from warp with no cross

 In the meantime here are a few examples.  The “scarf” is a narrow runner that came as a short warp without a cross.  The weaver had to reconstruct the order of the threads before she could even put it on the loom.  Now that takes patience and determination.

wool vest from Mabel’s yarns

The man’s vest at the left is a combination of textured wool yarns.  Did Mabel envisage the same combination???


If you’ve every wanted to explore spinning, we have beginner lessons starting in February.  See the side bar for more information.  Spinning Wheels will be provided so you can try your hand at something new without having to commit to buying equipment.

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