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knitting triangles

Knitters have a great advantage over weavers in that you can knit anywhere and almost any time.  Of course there are portable looms but they are awkward to use while watching TV and they rarely fit into a purse or small bag like a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

It seems that both the spinners and  the knitters in our guild have been busy either creating yarn or making something with it.  Many of them are using either fibre or yarn that came from our gigantic stash sale.

Terry’s hat

Terry used this lovely hand spun wool yarn from the stash sale to make a warm winter toque with exuberant pompoms to top it off.  The pompoms attach with snaps so they can be removed for washing.  Terry found them on Amazon.
Jan purchased some of the dyed and blended fibres from the stash and set to work spinning it.  Now she has a stock of yarn to weave or knit with.

Jan’s hand spun yarn
Caron’s bear

 In keeping with the times Caron knitted the Teddy Bear for her soon to be born grandchild but since the bear has to travel via Canada Post to reach its new home she added a mask.

detail of caplet pattern

Take a good look at the pillow that the bear is resting on.  It is a lovely example of double weave blocks.

Janet decided to challenge herself by doing something she hadn’t done before, knitting an elaborate pattern from a graph.  The caplet shown in the photograph is the result and I think you’ll agree it certainly is a success.  The yarn also came from the gigantic stash.

One photo shows a close up of the pattern and the other the shape of caplet.

Janet’s caplet
sylvia’s triangles 

Sylvia is knitting colourful triangles in hand spun romney and silk yarn.  The picture shows two unfinished fronts of a sweater that she is building.  It is knitted in segments that are then put together in the required size.  Need a bigger version, knit more triangles.  If you view the picture sideways you can imagine the vest front.

And last but not least we have more fun weaving with the colossal stash.  Gitte used the mixed yarns she bought to weave this scarf.

Gitte’s mixed scarf

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