This Beats Housework, More Show and Share

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spring at ground level

We are continuing with our electron version of show and tell.  Members may not be meeting but we are certainly still very active and time spent in the studio sure beats housework.

The group participating in the “optics of weaving” course are completing earlier assignments and getting ready to work on “iridescence”.  The Exploring More Group is heavily into exploring double weave.  Some members are using their “stay home” time to finally tackle projects have been put off due to other commitments and some are just enjoying a creative break.

Linda D. has one empty bobbin (stash reduction at its best) and a set of 7 towels that are a mix of cotton, linen and cotolin.  These guest towels have a textured surface and colourful patterned bands.

Linda’s hand towels
Marilynn’s place mats

Marilynn used what she learned from the Optics of Weaving course to create a set of coordinated place mats in twill and log cabin.  Notice how the colour changes in the warp create narrow stripes when the warp is woven as twill.

Jackie’s double weave scarf

Jackie completed her double weave scarf in spite of a cranky knee.  She created narrow weft-wise bands by switching layers.  The yarns are fine merino wool.  She is looking to set up her table loom since it doesn’t require any knee action. 

Ngaire’s scarf

Ngaire finished her second double weave piece.  The weave structure is deflected double weave.  It is made of 2/8 orlec and 2/10 cotton.  Check out the interesting edge detail.  She added some straight twill to the edges.

We are learning that there are several different ways to approach the edges when using deflected double weave and that needs to be worked into the overall design. 

Linda W washed sample of DW
Linda W’s deflected DW

Linda W is experimenting with deflected double weave and different weft yarns.  She wants a cloth that has a lot of surface effects due to differential shrinkage.  The warp is a mixture of Orlec and 2/20 wool.  The finished sample went through the washer and the dryer.

Sheila’s blooming leaf

  Sheila’s weaving in progress was show in the previous post.  Sheila decided to use a classic overshot pattern, ‘blooming leaf’ as the design for her deflected double weave scarf in silk.  The scarf has been wet finished but since both layers are silk there is movement and fulling but differential shrinkage is not a factor.

And last but not least Pat also tried her hand at deflected double weave using a wool and tencil combination.  The scarf was gently wet finished so there is fulling but not much shrinkage.  Pat decided to go for outrageous colours just because she had so many small cones of tencil to use up.

Pat’s colourful DW scarf

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