The Really Big Show (and Sale)

by | Nov 6, 2010 | Craft Fair, Qualicum Beach, Spinning, Vancouver Island, Weaving

November has become the month for craft sales. All the red and green yarns disappeared from the stores sometime in October and they have been transformed into Xmas themed crafts that are soon to appear at a craft fair near you. Visions of Santa are even appearing in our weaving.

Our guild show and sale also takes place in November. This year marks our 14th annual fibre arts show and sale. The event has changed from its humble beginnings as a table in a general craft sale into a stand alone event. It is the only major show in our area devoted to fibre arts.
This year, “Elegant Threads” runs for 3 days from November 26th to November 28th.

Our annual show and sale is an opportunity for members to showcase and sell their work. It is an opportunity for members to get the affirmation we need to continue producing and improving. Like other artisans, we love to talk about our craft and to get feedback. That is almost as important as selling (but let’s be realistic, the best feedback is still a cheque). Oh, we get encouragement from eachother but there is no validation like having someone purchase that special piece you made. It is even better if they have a story to go with the cold hard cash, “my daughter loves these colours”, “it’s a surprise for my wife”,etc.

Setting a price for a piece is always a struggle. Few pieces would ever sell if the “minimum wage” was used in the calculations especially for items made of hand spun yarn. Few of us think of weaving or spinning as work but we do want people to appreciate the time and skill required. On the other hand, there is a limit as to the value any sane person would put on the “one of a kind” or “hand made” aspect. Design, workmanship, materials and uniqueness all play a part in determining the value.

We’ve changed the display this year to accomodate an increase in the number and variety of pieces. The 40 members of our guild have a wide variety of interests so you can expect to find elegant accessories, fine linens, whimsical felted items, wearable art, cozy blankets and items that are just plain fun. Our set up is going to take a little longer so we have delayed the opening of the show until noon on Friday but we are staying open until 8 pm that night.

What we haven’t changed is the relaxed atmosphere that includes an opportunity to chat and take in demonstrations. Secretly, we are out to educate the public on the finer points of spinning and weaving and to draw those with a latent desire to play with yarn into our web.

“Elegant Threads” takes place from November 26 to 28th at Rotary House in Qualicum Beach. (See our events section) That weekend is shaping up to be the Qualicum Beach Artisan Extravaganza with several events involving about 300 artisans. The events are taking place at various venues around Qualicum Beach. There will be a shuttle bus to take people from one venue to another. We hope folks will plan to make it a day in Qualicum Beach and plan to spend part of the time visiting with us.

Rotary house is situated at the corner of Beach and Fern in downtown Qualicum Beach. It is about halfway between The Old School House and the Civic Centre. Look for our sign near the long white building.

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