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by | Feb 11, 2024 | basketry, Fibre Arts, Loom, Weaving


Beginning with a random base layer to start the process

Weaving is generally considered to be a solitary endeavour.  But, what happens when you bring a group of people together with a loom, materials but no direction or boundaries.  During our Elegant Threads event, we set up a simple loom and provided a variety of weaving materials.  Shoppers were then invited to weave as the spirit moved them.  A community of people formed around the project.  The weavers encouraged and helped non-weavers and each added their creative ideas to the piece.  Loom-Unity was born.  People played with materials building layer upon layer with no preconceived idea of the end point

playing with layers and textures

By the end of day one, an image was beginning to emerge from what started as random playing with yarns and beads.  The community of weavers had created the elements of a landscape with coarse textured vegetation and perhaps a beach with grasses in the foreground.

a landscape emerges

Another day and a new group of weavers and we have lakes with boats, a shoreline, and mountains emerging.  It appeared that each participant in turn was building on what the previous participants had done.  It was almost as if they were all unconciously moving towards the same end point while adding their own interpretation in the details.

By the time Elegant Threads was over the landscape form was firmly established but the work was not finished.  We moved the loom to our studio where other sets of hands started to work to create the sky with puffy clouds reminiscent of our current local weather.  A few more tweeks of the landscape and we declared it finished

the sky emerges

An appropriately weathered stick and fishing line were used to turn this “community” creation into a wall hanging that will be displayed in our studio.  It is still awaiting a name.  Any suggestions?

finished wall hanging

This project, Loom-Unity, was a wonderful way of bringing a community of people together to foster cooperation and teach team work while creating artwork.  We hope to bring the Loom-Unity project  back to Elegant Threads in 2024.  Will the same people participate in weaving a new creation?  Will the 2024 community produce something similar or will the result be completely different?  We hope the project stimulated interest in weaving and that those who participated had as much fun as we did.







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