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by | Nov 26, 2010 | Fibre Arts, Qualicum Beach, Spinning, Weaving

Show time has arrived. We’ve had cold weather with snow off and on for the past week. Some of us have suffered through power outages, loss of phone services and no internet. Most of us have been anxiously checking the weather reports in the hopes that temperatures will rise even if it means rain.

Fallen trees and early morning ice didn’t stop us. The set up crew arrived with the props and members arrived with their totes of goods.

Unpacking the totes is like opening a surprise package. Lovely, imaginative items pop out. It is a slow process as you have to admire the design of one piece, marvel at the colours in another, feel the softness of this one and ask the artisan how they made that one. You also covet some items and wish you didn’t have to hand them over to the set up crew.

Every sale is different. You don’t know what items will be submitted. This year we have a lot of pillows. Some years it seems everyone is inspired to make bags. Tea towels and scarves may be standard but how many will show up and what colours will they be. This makes the job of the set up crew interesting and difficult.
How do you display a wide variety of items so they don’t clash?
Here is Pat setting up a display of scarves.

In this photo Sylvia is setting up a table display.

Judy is measuring up a jacket before it goes on to the display rack. It is one of many tops our members created.

Linda is about to light up the entrance to the building if she can untangle the lights or is it the warp from hell that has engulfed her?????

If you came (come) to the sale and like what you saw then thank the ladies pictured above (along with some male relatives that we shouldn’t forget). They’ve been working since August to create the props, plan the display and promote the sale. What may look like a mad scramble at the end is really an organized scramble.

Happy shopping! We hope you found a treasure to take home and if not well, there’s always next year.

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