Show Time Part Two

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This entry is mainly photos of our recent show and sale. I’ve started with the smiling face of John, one of our cashiers. He is happy because of all the people who came to see and purchase our work.

Next we have Jens who has just finished demonstrating spinning using his beautiful spinning wheel. Take a close look at it. It is the most beautiful wheel I’ve ever seen.

Then of course we had shoppers. There were so many craft fairs and shows in our area this week end that shoppers had a lot of choice. We appreciate those that took the time to come to our event. Many of them also took the time to leave comments in our guest book and to complement us on the display. Most found something to take home with them.

Myrtle was among the guild members who put on demonstrations of spinning and weaving while Mabel was busy at the sales desk.

Some shoppers took the time to sit for a while, have a cup of hot punch and chat with us.

Audrie check in to see the display. Her lovely colourful runner was featured in our silent auction.

Jo Swallow, weaver extraordinare, also came by to see how we were progressing and to bring us a donation of books for our library.

There were plenty of items to choose from. There were household items, unique clothing, scarves for every taste, sheep and snowmen, pillows and blankets and hats of all colours and sizes.

Amanda helped with the demonstration while her friend was busy making a warp. Amanda is weaving a scarf with some beautiful alpaca yarn.

Now the really big sale is over so we can all relax. No need to weave, spin or knit tonight. Unless of course, you made a commitment to have something finished by Christmas. You really haven’t made much progress on it yet. You’ve got a lot of other commitments in the next few weeks. You wish you hadn’t agreed to do it or you wish you had started it in October. For you there is no rest so get off the computer and get to work.

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