Shopping at Elegant Threads

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scarves for sale

November has been a busy month for our guild, culminating this past weekend, in our annual sale, Elegant Threads.

This year we moved to a new location for the sale and are happy to report that yarn and textile lovers were able to locate us at Qualicum Commons.  The new location meant revising our display layout, building new props and reorganizing processes.  The sale committee did a fantastic job as usual.

sorting goods in the studio

A few days before the sale our studio was filled with members’s goods waiting to be sorted and props waiting to be assembled.  As usual the display elves managed to turn this mishmash into a pleasant shopping environment with a place for everything.

the elegant shawl rack

 Our members are quite active and have a range of interests including felting, spinning, knitting, braiding,weaving, and basketry.  That presents challenges for the display but results in a wide variety of goods for the shoppers.   

earth tone shawls

Even items that you might think have a common elements such as a shawl can be interpreted quite differently.  We had earth tone warm wool shawls to cozy up in but we also had elegant silky shawls to complement that little black dress.

wall of scarves

It seems this year that all of the weavers had scarves on their mind and so we had a wall of casual scarves and another of fancy scarves.  This year scarves even out numbered the tea towels.

hand spun yarn for sale

knitted hats

The spinners and knitters were well represented.  There was a good selection of unique yarns, including some that were hand dyed or blends of luxury fibres.  Hand spun yarns were the foundation to the many knitted items making them one of a kind creations.

lace knit scarf
We also had a selection of cedar basketry including Christmas ornaments and some unique bags.
cedar purse and bag
spotted owl

 One had to look carefully at all the table displays to find treasures like the watchful owl or the tablet woven bracelets. 

tablet woven bracelets
Thanks to members’ generous donations we had an expanded silent auction table.  Proceeds from the silent auction go towards guild programs and expenses. 
Since we took over responsibility for the studio rent sales like Elegant Threads are more important from a financial point of view.  Commission from members sales is a major source of income for the guild.  If you purchased something then thank you and we hope you enjoy your purchase as much as the maker enjoyed making it.  
We have always love interacting with the public and Elegant Threads has been our way of showing off what we do on a grand scale.  Many thanks to the folks that come every year and to those that came for the first time, we hope you will come again. 

Shopping at Elegant Threads

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