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dye workshop sample

Perhaps the most important benefit of belonging to an arts guild is the opportunity to learn from others and grow your own skills.  Sharing knowledge, learning and building confidence are important activities for the Qualicum Weavers and Spinners Guild.  We have a very active teaching program and most of the teachers are guild members who are generous with their time and talents.
Still, sometimes to expand into new areas or explore in greater depth we need to go beyond the guild’s resources and tap into the greater arts community.
It can be difficult and expensive to bring in experienced teachers and even more difficult for our members to travel great distances to workshops.  This is where the concept of “sharing the learning” can help.

This year our guild was pleased to be the recipient of grant funds from the Association of North West Weaving Guild (ANWG).  The funds were used to give financial assistance to members so that they could attend workshops and classes that are not available locally.  In return, the workshop attendees share what they have learned through presentations and workshops.  Three grants were awarded for, basketry, Saori weaving and textile dyeing workshops.

At our April general meeting we were treated to a presentation on Saori weaving.

Saori loom

The Saori loom has a simplified warping process and with just two harnesses and two treadles it is idea for playing with plain weave.  If a pre-made warp is purchased then the time and effort involved in set up is minimize.  The wheel attached to the castle is a bobbin winder.

saori woven strip

The weaving process is more free form and encourages experimenting with materials and hand manipulation including a form of clasp weave.  The whole process reduces the emphasis on straight edges or perfect rhythm allowing the weaver to take a spiritual journey without guilt feelings.

meandering lines


warp additions

Our next general meeting will be Monday, May 27.  Until then we are busy setting up some new studio projects and getting organized for our first outdoor event of the season.  Members are also working on pieces for the ANWG conference that takes place in Prince George in June.

Finally, look for our booth at the Qualicum Beach Family Day Event on Sunday May 26th.  Our booth is very popular with young would-be weavers and spinners.  Stop by and say hello!


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