butterfly bag

One of the activities at our recent retreat was a bag exchange.  Participants were invited to create a handmade bag and to bring it to the retreat where it would be exchanged for a bag produced by some one else.  The guidelines were very simple, the bag had to have been made by the person submitting it.  With no other guidelines you can imagine that quite a variety of items were submitted.

mixed media bag
knitted & felted bag
felted bag
wet felted bag



Many of the bags were felted.  Some were wet felted while others had been knitted and then felted.  Even though a similar technique was used the results are quite different.  Some are rustic, some are playful and some are very elegant.
The weavers in the group also showed off their talents.  Some of their bags were made from recycled materials.  The bag with the bold motif in yellow was created out of hand woven sashes. While one of the pink woven bags is made out of rags.
woven bag


This is a small selection of the 29 bags that were brought to the event.  Congratulations to those that submitted bag.  We hope you enjoyed the bag that you took home as much as the people shown below.


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