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what is going on here?

Our latest outing was organized by the Qualicum Beach Museum.  Each summer they put on a program for children that gives them a taste of what life was like in the early 1900’s.  At our booth they get to see how fibre was turned into yarn and how yarn was turned into cloth.

The photo at the left shows the weaving display with multiple looms and step stools to accommodate shorter weavers.  Don’t you just love the pink accessories on the running shoes?

No matter how many times we set up this displace we always find an enthusiastic audience that is eager to try their hand.  We hope they leave us with a better appreciation of the process and thought that went into the cloth they wear, use, sit on or sleep under. 

busy weaver on the Dorothy loom
the weaving lesson

The mechanics of the loom seem very attractive to young boys who are often quite eager to work the harnesses and the beater and pass the shuttle back and forth.  We often think of weaving as a feminine activity these days.  It is a shame more men don’t take up weaving as a hobby or cottage industry. 

We are lucky to have members who enjoy working with young people and who have the patience to teach them. 

The spinners were also kept busy demonstrating and explaining the process of creating yarn.  If you look carefully at the photograph below you will see two different approaches to the portable spinning wheel.  One works entirely by foot power while the other is an electric version.  You will also see a pair of socks in progress by an old familiar method.

making yarn and more

Our next outing will be at the Lighthouse Fall Fair in Bowser.  We will be putting on a large display with the theme, “Starting With Wool”.  The Fair takes place at the Bow Horne Bay Community Centre on Saturday August 31st.  See events for more information.

PLUS you don’t want to miss our GIGANTIC YARNS AND MORE SALE.  See the poster below for more information.

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