Plans and Resolutions

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sampler quilt

The cold dark days of January are a good time to consider what you would like to do with your craft this year.  If you are a planner you probably already have a tentative to do list.  Lists are great for helping you focus your efforts and it is true that items on the list are more likely to be accomplished.  The downside of course is that you might miss an opportunity to do something remarkable unless there is enough wiggle room in your plan to allow for the unexpected.

unsuccessful project

Likely you’ve made some resolution to use up that horrid pink yarn or finish that project that has lingered too long in the unfinished bin. Or better yet you’ve decided it is best to just dispose of the yarn or project.  It is ok to admit defeat now and then.  Your time and talent are probably better spent elsewhere.

hand spun disaster 

This year your focus might be to learn something new from an on-line source, a book or a class.  If you live in the Pacific North West you might want to check out the conference of the Association of North West Weaving Guilds.  There is a link to their site on the side bar.  The conference takes place at the end of June.  Registration opens January 17th.

 Our guild is busy working on items for our guild booth at the conference.  We have been spinning, weaving, felting and constructing.

felted sea creature for booth

Perhaps you would like to work on your skills or your approach to projects to improve the outcome. Would sampling before you begin a project improve the eventual outcome?  Take a look at the quilt photo.  What an imaginative way to use samples!  You can learn a lot from exhibits of related or even completely unrelated artistic pieces.

 The Qualicum Weavers and Spinners will reconvene on Monday January 23rd.  The meeting will be held at the Baptist Church on Beach Street in the town of Qualicum Beach at 10:30.  You are welcome to join us.

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