Our Fall Sale

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a collection of elegant shawls

November is craft sale month.  It is a busy month for all of the local artisan groups including the Qualicum Weavers and Spinners.  This past weekend we held our annual Elegant Threads show and sale.  

finished sorting the items
tea towels on a pant hanger
We have over 60 members with diverse interests and talents so one never knows exactly what is going to be submitted for the sale.  Luckily we have a talented group that always manages to create order out of chaos.  Their displays are always appealing and often an imaginative use of props and spaces.
The entire guild is involved in putting on the fall sale.  It is one activity that brings the group together whether they are volunteering on the sale dates, making items for the sale or involved in the organization and the promotion of the event. 
hand spun yarns
The sale is a fund raiser for the guild, a benefit for members who need an sales outlet for their works and an opportunity to show the public what we do.  The entire guild benefits when the sale is a success.

detail of sweater

  Craft sales are so common now a days that we strive to make ours stand out as an event where you will find high quality hand crafted items that are uncommon.  For example our knitted items are unique in that they are made with  hand spun yarns that have often been hand dyed. 

cozy hand woven blankets
felted wall hanging

As our membership has expanded so has the scope of our interests.  A number of our members are interested in working directly with raw fibres such as wool or silk to create fabric.  As a result we had a number of high quality felted items in this years sale.

Scarves are likely the most popular item (next to tea towels) for weavers to create.  Our wall of scarves was a rainbow of colour.  We also worked on our sewing skills this year with study groups and workshops.  This is reflected in the number of structured tops that were on display.

colourful scarves


lined caplet

After a week of intense activity we are taking a bit of a rest and getting ready for our next big event.  It is one that involves merriment and food.  Our pot luck lunch takes place on December 9th in our studio.  Lunch starts at 11:00 with nibbles and continues until we either get too full to eat anymore or we run out of things to chat about.  We never run out of food.

If you missed our fall sale then you will have to wait until 2020.  If you saw something at the sale and now wish you had bought it then email us and we’ll try to put you in touch with the member who made it.

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