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samples of saori weaving

 This past year has been a bumper year for educational activities.  Covid forced many of us to turn to on-line activities including attending workshops in the comfort of our own homes.  Our workshop committee rose to the challenge and organised a number of on-line weaving workshops, from “linen and lace” with our own Linda Wilson to the “double rainbow” with Jennifer Moore.

As the Covid crisis waned we were finally able to return to having in-studio events.  There are some things you just can’t learn without getting your hands dirty? wet? or otherwise engaged. 

Some of us took our first step into beginning weaving and beyond with the Beginner Weaving workshops.

We tried our hands at basket weaving and will continue with that popular subject with Vera’s “cat’s head” basket session in January.

We learned how to turn fleece into a bowl, learned the fundamentals of knitting and made Fair Isle hats. 

felted fleece containing resist
laying out the fleece

More recently we turned fleece into bags for wine bottles, vases or just into lovely bags.  The photo shows laying out the fleece with a resist between layers.  The resist is then encased in fleece and wet felted.

After felting has taken place the piece is cut, the resist removed and the edges and final shaping are completed
a bevy of bags

one done and one to go

Knitted socks are a symbol of  a cozy, casual style that values practical arts.  But they can also express individualism and even a bit of a rebellious nature without being frivolous.  This fall our knitters learned to look at socks from a different angle by knitting from the toe up.  Mary Jennings was the workshop leader.

retro spinning wheel
finished heel


Our last workshop for the year was about beginning something new.  Linda Raven introduced a group of yarn enthusiasts to spinning using a foot powered spinning wheel.  Participants started with the basics about sheep breeds and the properties of their fleece and ended up with bobbins full of their own hand-spun yarn.

straw into gold? check the socks


With Covid restrictions lifted some members even ventured to other places to take in-person workshops.  The samples in the first photo are from a saori weaving course attended by a member.  Like all true fibre enthusiasts she generously shared her learning and samples with other members of the guild.

So, whatever your passion keep on learning and keep on sharing.

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