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knitting basics

Our guild has grown rapidly over the past 3 years.  Some of our new members are old hands at the fibre arts and have recently moved to this area.  Some are newly retired and interested in reviving an interest from earlier days now that they have the time.
Still others have well developed skills in related areas and want to expand into new areas.  So we have spinners who would like to weave, weavers who would like to knit and knitters who would like to felt.  And of course the felters want to weave.

In order to help make that happen we have been concentrating on teaching the basics.  We started with basic knitting lessons.  The course was organized and delivered by two of our experienced knitters.  We learned about materials, stitches, gauge and why people love to make those cotton wash cloths.  (Because they work and are easy to make.)  We might not have that fair isle sweater ready for Christmas but we can now add knitted edges and embellishments to our weaving.  Christmas stockings may contain a few hand made wash cloths too.

Examples to illustrate points

weaving lesson

Our next major effort went into a beginner weaving course.  Beginners started off with pre-warped looms to get the concepts then moved on to working on their own projects on individual table looms.  We were lucky to have an experienced weaving teacher in Linda Wilson for this course.  In March she will move on to teaching us about drafting.

nuno-felted scarf

Nuno-felting will round out our lessons for February thanks to Janice Charko.  Janice Charko’s web site
The photo at the left was made by one of the students using the “dryer” method for felting.  It was nice to see members of a neighbouring guild at this workshop.

Our guild is the largest in the mid Island area and with our new studio space we are able to expand our workshop program.  Where it is feasible we hope to be able to offer workshop spaces to fibre enthusiasts beyond the members of our own guild.

Lessons in basic spinning and spinning silk are being planned.  Watch the events section or check our facebook page for more information.

a bright and light blanket

In spite of all the learning activities guild members were busy with creative efforts in February as demonstrated by the show and tell portion of our meeting.

wall hanging, the sea

The large wall hanging was felted and represents the ocean.  The dark blue stripe has beads embedded in the wool felt.
The blanket with colourful stripes was compared to a beach blanket but it is much too cold for that in February.  Better to wrap it around your shoulders and sit by the fire.

The piece on the right was done by a new member who has recently started working on a refurbished loom.  She obviously had fun trying different techniques and patterns using the yarns that came with the loom.

section of a long piece with variations

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