Great Expectations and a Blank Canvas

by | Jan 6, 2013 | Fibre Arts, Handwoven, Knitting, Loom, Vancouver Island, Weaving

Here we are again at the start of a new year with 12 months to go.  Like the empty loom in our guild studio there are endless possibilities for new projects.
Will this be the year that you tackle that major project?  You know it.  It is the one that has been gradually forming in your subconcious.  It peeps out now and then when you pass a yarn store.  It may sink back into the shadows when life gets in the way but it never really goes away.  Maybe 2013 will be its year.
I am always impressed with those folks manage to create something major by hand.  I cannot even begin to concieve how one would go about weaving draperies for a new home or yardage for a daughter’s wedding gown.  Those that spin the yarn for a major project are even more impressive.  They must be able to hold a future vision for a long time in order to keep on spinning.
Starting a major project would be daunting enough but how does one keep going day after day.  I get bored by the 3rd tea towel on the same warp.

Mary’s double weave mat

This may be your year to learn something new.  That might mean joining a study group, joining in a group challenge, taking a course or attending a conference.  Our guild has organized a weaving workshop with Jane Stafford.  The workshop “Lacey Places” will take place April 19 to 21 at the MacMillian Art Centre in Parksville.  We currently have two study groups.  One is for spinners who want to knit with hand spun yarns.  The other for weavers with more than 4 harness looms who want to learn weave structure.  The more than 4 group is currently studying double weave.  Check the “Events” section for the dates and locations of these events.
The guild is also planning to have a colour challenge in 2013 for those who want to learn about colour interactions.
So, here is to great expectations for 2013!



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