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 our home in Qualicum Beach

 We are all learning how to balance the realities of Covid 19 with that basic human need to socialize.  We have had small group events at our studio in Qualicum Commons but most of us have relied on Zoom or another application to stay in touch electronically.  

Mary’s yardage

It is a hardship for a lot of us fibre artists since our art form has a large tactile component.  Pictures are lovely but there is nothing to compare with holding a piece to understand how it drapes, to feel the warmth or to experience how it reflects the light.  Mary’s yardage is lovely in the photo but in person it is delicious and begs to be wrapped across your shoulders.

But we have started coming together on a regular basis as study groups, in workshops and soon at our general meetings and different drop in sessions.  Check out “Events” for times and dates of regular events. 

We started off  the fall with an open studio day.  Members were invited to see the results of our guild challenge and check out future plans.

Wendy’s ocean inspired towels

Guild members were challenged to design and create a piece inspired by either the Ocean or by a Landscape.  Wendy chose the ocean as her inspiration for this beautifully proportioned stripe design.  The cotton tea towels were woven on a rigid heddle loom.  Her efforts earned her a fabric inspired pottery mug.

Lisa’s landscape hanging

Lisa chose the landscape as the inspiration for her wall hanging.  She used the technique of clasped weaving,  Pairs of weft colours ebb and flow across the piece in to create natural contours.

October and November are going to be busy with both established and new activities

waffle weave dish cloth

We have 2 new studio projects on the floor looms, a colourful tea towel and waffle weave dish cloths.

Several workshops are either planned or in progress.  Our “design your own tea towel” session for beginners has just completed with some happy weavers “wearing” their unique cloth
 tea towels or a wrap?

mini-tables for knitting or spinning

New activities include both drop in fibre craft and chat group.  This is an non-structured event.  Members are invited to bring whatever they are working on.  For October the drop in dates are Saturday October 22nd and Tuesday October 24 (10:30 to 12:30).  

We will also be holding get together and learn sessions approximately 3 times per month.  Each session include a short presentation.  

Elegant Threads, our annual fall show and sale will take place November 18 and 19 in the library at The Commons.  It is just down the hall from our studio so you can shop and have a peak at what’s on the looms.

For more information about our in-studio activities please contact us at


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