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Family Days is a local event that takes place annually towards the end of May.  It is the first of many outdoor events that bring together various community groups.  It is an opportunity for groups to tell their story to the general public and perhaps spark an interest or attract a new member.  Since we are always keen to tell our story our guild set up a booth with samples, looms and spinning wheels.  As usual we attracted a group of children who were keen to try their hand at the wheels and the looms.

The boy in this picture might be a bit young to recruit as a new guild member just yet.  Who knows, maybe this encounter with a weaver and a loom has sparked a life long interest in fibre arts.  Will he design the next generation of looms or will his work be featured in art galleries across the globe?

The art of spinning also attracted its share of potential fibre artists.  The young lady with the lovely stripped leggings is trying her hand at creating wool yarn on a portable wheel.  Will she become a sheep farmer, or will she become a knitter famous for her stripped socks and garments?  Whatever she does it will no doubt be colourful.

demo in progress

As usual our booth was busy, attracting older children and adults as well.  Occasionally during a lull in the traffic there was time for spinning and contemplating.  But, most of the time we were kept busy explaining, demonstrating, visiting and enjoying the energy of the crowds that came to see our display

time for relaxing
serious weaving going on
inkle weaving

Hopefully our audience came away from our booth with a better appreciation of how fibre is transformed into yarn and how yarn is transformed into cloth.

that’s wool?

If you missed us at Family Days and want to try your hand at the loom or spinning wheel then look for us at the ART IN ACTION event in down town Qualicum Beach on July 26th.

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