06 Feb 01:00 PM
Until 06 Feb, 03:00 PM 2h

Knitorious Knitters

place QWSG Studio 744 Primrose Street, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada expand_more

This Tuesday, the regulars will share their favourite cast-on method. It’s going to be be an informal sharing session — we don’t put anyone on the spot.

Bring your current project, but also some scrap yarn and spare needles to practice new-to-you cast on methods. There may be one that intrigues you or one you find easier, or prettier than your old stand by. (There are a LOT of cast on methods! We don’t pretend to know them all but can share resources. Join us!)

We'll be in the Guild Studio Tuesday Feb. 6 from 1 - 3 p.m.