Celebrating The Migration

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gulls and fishing boat

In early March on the west coast we get to witness a great avian migration.  Flocks of tourists visit our shores on their way north.  Gulls, ducks, geese, swans and a host of smaller birds come in by air.  The seals, sea lions and orcas come by sea.  The people come by land to see them all.

Locally we celebrate this annual event by holding a Brant Festival, the Brant being a small goose that stops here to feed on the herring before heading north.

felt and drift wood village

 Our guild had planned to participate in the Brant festivities with a show and sale but due to concerns about the COVID 19 virus many of the April events have been cancelled including our event.  
Elegant Threads and More has been cancelled.  

golf towels on loom

Earlier in March, the looms in our studio were set up for two projects that were designed around the “Brant” colours.  Those colours represent the ocean (blues) and the colouring of the Brant goose including black, grey/beige combinations and white that shows as the distinct neck band on the bird.  It can be a difficult colour combination to work with but our studio group has come up with some lovely designs in subtle colouring.

weaving in progress

The projects are based on the same warp but each weaver adds their own design elements by choosing the weft yarns and the treadling order.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the results of our labours for a while. Hopefully we will be able to schedule the event at a later date.

tea towels in Brant colours

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