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Seems there must have been a subliminal message circulating about what to weave in May.  Several of our weavers chose to explore the same topic, scarves.

Tencil scarf on a charcoal warp

Some were motivated by that ever lasting need to reduce their stash.  Others had projects with deadlines.  In one case yarns themselves may have dictated the product.  However, there was one hold out who either didn’t get the message or chose to go her own way.  Linda has been exploring weave structures that create a deflected grid. That would include structures like huck and M’s and O’s.  These structures create groups of skips amongst plain weave.

Linda’s towels

The plain weave holds the threads in a rigid grid but when the cloth is wet finished the areas with skips allow threads to move creating curves.  By combining different yarns or colours, one can highlight the curves. Linda has used contrasting stripes to add interest and show off the structure.  She also claims she has finally used up all of the beige yarn that has been haunting her stash for eons.  Her set of towels are distinctly different but related because of the limited colour range.


Ginny was also modivated by a need to reduce her stash.  So she set up a long charcoal warp in tencil using a fancy twill threading.  Then she wove 3 different scarves by varyilng the treadling to produce three different patterns.  The ends were finished with a twisted fringe.  The pattern was relatively easy to see on the scarves with the brighter wefts but the colour value of the red weft was close to the value of the charcoal warp so it was difficult to see the pattern on the loom.  All three have a lovely drape.

twill scarf in tencil

Pat was motivated by a deadline for an on-line guild.  Her scarf is a mixture of 4 colours of 2/20 cotton.  The colours are arranged in the warp so they are random on the sides and form an off centre stripe in the middle.  One side of the symmetrical stripe has crisp edges while the other side gradually deteriorates until the threads are random once again.

The stripe is woven in plain weave while the random areas on the sides are woven as plain weave with random skips that create texture but no pattern.  The objective was to illustrate order in the stripe and chaos in the random area.  The weft was 2/16 bamboo in a medium blue.

scarf in twill blocks

Sandra was also working to a deadline.  Her project was part of her homework for the level 2 certificate in Hand Weaving.  She used twill blocks to create a pattern.  The colours are subdued and reflect the natural colours of the yarns.  Love the “cow” hanger.

Kellie’s silk scarf also features subdued colours with broad stripes in the warp and the weft.  They create rectangles of different colours as they cross, dark on light, dark on dark, light on dark and light on light.  The scarf is in plain weave with a twisted fringe.

silk scarf with weft bands







This past month also saw us out and about at Qualicum Beach Family Day and at a local elementary school.  Thanks to everyone who volunteers for these events.  It is a lot of work but loads of fun, especially with the smaller children.

Kellie spinning dog hair

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